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Heating System Installation, Service, and Repair

The last thing you want to do is be left in the cold this winter with a furnace that is not performing at its best level. At Jacob Heating & Cooling, we provide our clients with the highest level of quality when it comes to heating system installations, service, and repairs.

We can repair your existing furnace and provide maintenance services, or if it is time for a new unit, we can install a new furnace to keep you warm throughout the winter. Don’t leave yourself or your family out in the cold this winter; work with Jacob Heating & Cooling to get your furnace in top shape!

Furnace & Heating System Installation

Our team of highly trained technicians will treat your home like their own to complete a safe and skilled installation of the latest and most energy-efficient heating equipment to keep your home warm.

Service & Maintenance

With annual service and maintenance of your furnace system, you can rest assured that all components are functioning properly and efficiently. We will complete a full inspection of your furnace system, checking crucial components, and perform services such as calibrating the gas valve and inspecting the electrical components.

Heating System Repair

Our technicians stay updated on the latest technology, allowing us to provide you with expert diagnosis and repair services. Your heating system only relies on a few moving parts, but there are a number of things that can go wrong, and if these issues are ignored, minor repairs can quickly become major repairs with an expensive price tag. We can help you catch repairs before they turn into major issues, helping you save the hassle and the money of expensive repairs.

Ductless Heating Systems

If you are looking for a more cost-effective and efficient way to heat your home, it is time to consider a ductless heating system. Ductless systems do not need ductwork to function and can be installed in the wall, ceiling, or floor to meet your needs. If you have a high fuel cost and low efficiency with your current system, you have an older home that doesn’t have existing ductwork, or you have a basement or room in your home you want to get more heating to, a ductless system is a way to go!


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