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Keep You Home Comfortable Year-Round with Murrysville Heating & Cooling Services

Murrysville Heating Services

Don’t let harsh Murrysville weather get you down – Jacob Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive heating and cooling solutions to ensure your home is always warm, cozy, and comfortable. Our certified technicians are well-equipped with the skillset needed for optimal system maintenance or repair services that can keep winter at bay!

Issues with your Furnace?

If you’re experiencing a lack of heat in your home, it could result in various issues keeping your furnace from functioning correctly. These include:

  • Problems with fuses or circuit breakers
  • Obstructions blocking potential airflow caused by dirty filters and clogged components such as fan motors
  • Malfunctioning thermocouples and flame sensors prevent the ignition from occurring
  • Blower motor damage leading to inefficient warm air circulation through the house space or cracked heat exchangers letting carbon monoxide enter potentially hazardous zones
    Improper combustion due to faulty ignition control systems

Now Heat or Low Heat? We Can Help!

Don’t let winter cold or summer heat take their toll on you – Jacob Heating & Cooling has your back! With expert installation, service, and maintenance of furnaces and air conditioning systems available, we provide top-quality solutions to keep home comfort at its best all year round. Some of our heating services include:

Murrysville Air Conditioning Services

Beat the heat this summer with superior air conditioning services from Jacob Heating & Cooling! We provide a range of cooling system installations, services, and repairs to guarantee perfect performance on even the hottest days. Plus, we offer top-notch heating solutions – including furnace/heating system installation and maintenance – so you can say goodbye to low or no heat during winter. With our expertise combined with modern toolsets, enjoy long-lasting comfort in your home all year round!

Common Reasons You Need AC Repairs

Regular maintenance and inspection are essential to keeping your AC system functioning correctly. However, when problems do arise, they often result from the following:

  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Clogged or dirty filters prevent airflow circulation
  • Malfunctioning thermostats or inadequate insulation disrupting cooling capacity
  • Obstructions blocking the flow of air caused by a damaged evaporator coil/compressor combination
  • Fan motors/belts wearing out that hinder efficient cool-air movement throughout your home
  • Overworking electrical components due to extended use leads to premature burnout

We offer a wide range of cooling services, including: 

With our heating and cooling services in Murrysville, we are dedicated to keeping you comfortable, no matter the time of day or night. Our 24/7 emergency services provide fast response times and experienced technicians who go the extra mile when addressing your heating and cooling needs quickly and efficiently. You can trust us even in a pinch!

Join Our Comfort Club!

Enjoy the peace of mind and freedom that come with Comfort Club! Our subscription-based service provides year-round maintenance for your HVAC systems so they can run at maximum efficiency and reliability. For just $8.99 per piece of equipment each month, you have access to all our top-notch protection services – pay monthly or annually; it’s up to you!

COMFORT CLUB"Never pay full price for overtime rates in an emergency"