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Replacing Dirty Furnace Filter

Steps to Take When Turning Your Furnace On for the First Time

October 25, 2023

As the colder months approach in Pittsburgh, ensuring your furnace is ready to keep you warm is vital. Before you turn on your furnace for the first time in the season, you should take a few steps to ensure it functions correctly and efficiently.

Clean-up The Area

It may be tempting to use the area around your furnace as storage space, but once it’s turned on it’s unsafe to keep items closeby. Before you turn on your furnace, it’s essential to clear any debris or clutter from around the furnace and its vents. Also, make sure to sweep and dust the area. This will ensure airflow and prevent potential fire hazards.

Change Your Air Filters

Dirty filters can cause your furnace to work harder than needed, reducing efficiency and potentially leading to costly repairs. They can also cause common problems and even costly repairs. Make sure to change your air filters regularly, especially before turning your furnace on for the first time. A clean air filter will allow the air to flow through the system and keep your furnace working efficiently.

Test Your Thermostat

Before turning on your furnace, test your thermostat to ensure it functions correctly. Adjust the temperature and listen for any unusual sounds or smells from the furnace.
Check your carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon monoxide leaks from furnaces can be hazardous. Make sure to check your carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working properly, and replace the batteries if needed.

Turn On Your Furnace

Once you have completed the above steps, it’s time to turn on your furnace. Switch to heat mode and adjust to your desired temperature to initiate the heating cycle.

Monitor it closely for the first few hours to ensure everything works properly. Listen for any strange noises and contact Jacob Heating & Cooling if you hear anything strange.

Schedule furnace maintenance with Jacob Heating & Cooling

Regular furnace maintenance is crucial because it can help prevent costly repairs and keep your furnace running efficiently all winter. Furnace maintenance services include checking and cleaning the internal components, inspecting for potential issues, and ensuring proper airflow. Our expert team can also repair and replace parts to ensure you have an efficiently running furnace for many winters!

To ensure your furnace operates at its best all winter, consider scheduling a furnace maintenance service with Jacob Heating & Cooling. Our team of professionals will thoroughly inspect and clean your furnace, ensuring it functions efficiently and safely.
Don’t wait until you have a problem – schedule your furnace maintenance for your Pittsburgh home today to stay warm all winter.

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