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Furnace not working

Why Does My Furnace Sound Like a Washing Machine or Other Unusual Sounds?

December 1, 2023

Is your furnace making strange noises that remind you of a washing machine? This is a normal occurrence as your HVAC system will often make a whirring noise that sounds like a washing machine. This is no reason to be concerned. However, there are other sounds to listen for that could indicate that you need […]

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Replacing Dirty Furnace Filter

Steps to Take When Turning Your Furnace On for the First Time

October 25, 2023

As the colder months approach in Pittsburgh, ensuring your furnace is ready to keep you warm is vital. Before you turn on your furnace for the first time in the season, you should take a few steps to ensure it functions correctly and efficiently. Clean-up The Area It may be tempting to use the area […]

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Heat Pump HVAC Systems

What is a Heat Pump?

August 4, 2023

A heat pump is an efficient and cost-effective way to heat or cool your home. Heat pumps are typically powered by electricity and use a refrigerant to transfer heat for a comfortable home all year round! Can a Heat Pump be Used for Both Heating and Cooling? Yes, a heat pump can be used to […]

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Broken Furnace with no heat

How Do I Keep My Pittsburgh Home Warm Without Power

December 22, 2022

Winter storms are a common occurrence in Pittsburgh. In some cases, these storms can be severe, resulting in power outages, making it crucial to be prepared to stay warm without power. It is recommended that you have an alternate resource and a well-insulated home to prepare, but if you’re caught off guard, there are several […]

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Furnace Maintenance

How Long Does a Furnace Last?

April 5, 2022

There is no specific answer for how long your furnace will last, but there are several factors that can have a major impact on the lifespan of your furnace. From the quality of the manufacturing to how often you maintain your furnace, there is a number of factors that can make a difference in the […]

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What Do I Do if My Furnace Blows Cold Air?

February 28, 2022

The last thing you want to deal with is a furnace blowing cold air in the middle of a Pittsburgh winter. With all the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, you rely on your furnace to keep your home warm and cozy. If you experience cold air blowing through your furnace, there are several possible causes […]

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Broken Furnace

Why Did My Furnace Stop Working?

January 12, 2022

In most cases, your Pittsburgh home will stay warm throughout the winter without issue. Sometimes, however, your furnace could stop working for several reasons. At Jacob Heating & Cooling, we’ve put together some of the most common furnace issues and what you can do to get your furnace back up and running. What are Some […]

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Frozen Water shut off

Keep Furnace Pipes from Freezing in Pittsburgh

December 16, 2021

With winter in full swing here in Pittsburgh, the last thing you want is for your furnace to stop working. One of the reasons it may stop is because the furnace pipe vent can become blocked by ice and snow. Many furnaces shut off if the vents are blocked to protect you from carbon monoxide […]

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Dirty furnace filter

Preparing for Common Issues with Furnaces During Winter

November 9, 2021

With winter right around the corner, it is important to be prepared for common furnace issues. We’ve put together some tips on how to recognize and troubleshoot these common furnace issues so you aren’t left out in the cold this winter season. Carbon Monoxide Leaks Carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless, and lethal. If you have […]

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Portable heater

What to Do if You Lose Heat During Winter

October 22, 2021

With the harsh conditions of winter, the last thing you want to deal with is losing heat. Unfortunately, your heater could fail in the middle of winter, so it is crucial to be prepared. At Jacob Heating & Cooling, we have put together some tips for staying safe and warm if your furnace breaks during […]

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